Read instructions and watch video tutorials on how to use iView HD and iView HD Plus to watch live and on-demand content using your favorite devices!

Where do I download the needed applications?

You can visit this page to download the needed applications.

What are the supported devices?

The supported devices are Android Phones/Tablets, Android TV boxes, Enigma2 boxes and Firesticks.

How do I install the applications?

For Android devices, you install the application as you would install any other application using the .apk files.

For Enigma2 devices, you download the plugin, then place it inside /tmp folder of your Enigma2 box and you run this command: opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/plugin_name_here while replacing “plugin_name_here” with the exact name of the plugin.

How can I purchase a code/subscription?

Visit our shop and purchase a subscription. At the checkout page, select your preferred payment method and at the end of your order process, you will see instructions on how to pay using your selected payment method.

How to switch the decoding mode?

If you activate the code but no channels work, you can switch the decoding mode and try again. Go to a Channel –> Settings –> Misc –>
Decoding Mode.

How can I watch adult channels?

Go to Account and enter 1827 at the Activation Code. If successful, you will get a successful message. If an adult channel asks for password again, type 1827 also.